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When you brought your puppy or dog home, were you not excited at what the future may bring? Is Rover going to be your personal buddy through good and bad times? Or perhaps he'll be your child's best friend, just like your own dog when you were growing up? Or maybe Rover is just meant to be family, sharing each significant moment with all of you?

At, we understand the science and the art of how dogs learn, and we apply this understanding to our dog training and behaviour modification programmes. We can help you teach your dog the skills it needs to be part of your family!


Nee is a certified professional dog trainer (see About Us), and we follow an international Code of Ethics. We can't guarantee a dog's behaviour, but we do make the following pledge:


These are our partners who share our vision, passion and endorse our training philosophy. Read more about what we are doing together.

The SPCA Singapore
The Animal Clinic Pte Ltd
Mt Pleasant Veterinary Group and Mt Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Farrer)


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